Safety & Environment

Occupational Health & Safety

Civil Dimensions is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for its workers by minimising the risk of injury to people and the risk of damage to plant and equipment.

Our OH&S Policy:

"We are committed to complying with the relevant WH&S legislation including Act, Regulations, as well as the relevant Codes of Practice and all other relevant requirements incumbent upon our company.

We will provide all the necessary support and management to meet our aim and commitments including providing appropriate safe equipment, personal protective equipment, safety training, etc.

We also expect that staff and management will get involved in health and safety management, and expect staff to report hazards, near misses and incidents as soon as possible to help prevent injury and illness."



We are also committed to environmental sustainability, engineering solutions today with tomorrow in mind.

Our Environment Policy:

"Civil Dimensions also have a strong commitment to sustainability and as such we are reviewing our use of non-renewable resources. We will look to replace them wherever possible and feasible with resources which are created using renewable methods of production.

As part of this approach we are committed to recycling and or reusing product so that we can reduce the impact on natural resources, with a preference for recyclable materials where these are available.

We will engage with our staff to help us meet our environmental objectives."